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Former Church of St. Martin (Montecalderaro)


The earliest evidence about the church dates back to 1315, but the recovery of some Roman finds places its origin in a earlier period.
The church was probably active since the 8th-9th century and during the Middle Age.
It underwent several restoration works and the last one was carried out in 1699. It was destroyed during the Second World War by the German troops fighting against the allies.
The ruins can be found in an interesting environmental and panoramic setting. Indeed, they are located on a knoll overlooking the valleys of the rivers Sillaro and Quaderna.
Moreover, Montecalderaro's area, revolving around the Parish Church of Montecerere, has always played an important religious, political and military role.
The first settlement in this area was called Celeris Pagus and it was probably established in 749.
It was occupied by the Longobards along with the nearby villages of Budrio and Medicina.
Around the year 1000 Celeris Pagus is mentioned in a number of contracts of sales and in some religious documents. According to these accounts, this settlement strechted over a vast area scattered by a few castles (Montecalderaro, Varignana, Frassineto and Vedriano).


Address: Via Tanari, 13300 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

Opening hours: the ruins can be visited at any time

How to get there

How to get to Castel San Pietro Terme


The ruins are in Montecalderaro, about 13 km far from Castel San Pietro Terme.

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During the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War a cross was placed on the damaged altar of the church as warning against the war.

All the information about the church and related excavations was published and displayed during an exhibition held in 1885.

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