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Church of the Capuchin friars


Since 1628, the convent and church of the Capuchins are a reference point for citizens and visitors.

In ancient times, there was also a convent of Augustinian monks and one of the friars Minor, but they have disappeared.

The Holy See authorized the construction in 1624, on an area near the walls of Castel San Pietro, donated by the Counts Pompeo Ramazzotti and Anton Galeazzo Malvasia.
The first complex was also equipped with a large garden cultivated by the monks.

The monastery was restored again in 1692, in 1745 and then in 1779 when a strong earthquake struck the area.

Another reconstruction was performed in 1818, when the monastery was returned to the monks, after the suppression of the Napoleonic period in 1805.

From 1931 to 1939 restoration works and expansion of the convent were rerun, while further work was carried out in 1967.

The church had one nave with a single altar, on which it was originally placed a picture of Our Lady of the Angels, to which was added a picture of Santa Giuliana de Banzi, a noble Bolognese.

Over time, the image of Our Lady was removed and the church was dedicated to St. Anthony from Padua and St. Giuliana de Banzi, coming from a wealthy Bolognese family that owned lands in Castel San Pietro and brought great benefits to the entire religious complex.

Then three chapels were built: St. Joseph and St. Felix chapel, the Crucified chapel, and St. Anthony chapel. Another restoration was made in 1902.
In this church is revered for centuries the Blessed Virgin of Hope, which was dedicated a chapel, with moments of prayer throughout the year, culminating in the traditional festival held in early June.

Inside the church there are also some tombs of religious figures and celebrities, including the Count Pompeo Ramazzotti, Count Antonio Galeazzo Malvasia, Prince Galeotto Pico della Mirandola, P. Gianfrancesco Tagliasecchi and P. Alberici Leone.

A serious fire in the Holy Week of 1966, destroyed the precious picture of Our Lady of Hope, and all that was contained in the chapel, also up substantially damaging the entire church.

With the restoration work of considerable importance, the church in less than a year was rearranged, with the help of many citizens, and other convents of the Province, while a local artist faithfully reproduced the image of the Madonna.

The convent also be noted in the cloister, which will be held in summer music events, and a rich library with texts of some importance, although the known historical events especially related to the Napoleonic era may have depleted some of the most important texts.


Address: Via Viara, 10 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

Opening hours:Weekdays: on Friday and Saturday during the evening Mass ; Sunday and Bank Holidays: 10am - 12am
Entry ticket: Free entry

How to get there

How to get to Castel San Pietro Terme 


The church is located next to an ancient convent, a few meters from Castel San Pietro's old city centre. It rises on the Via Viaria leading to the cemetery. Follow the highroad Via Emilia (SS 9) up to Castel San Pietro Terme, then follow the sign-roads for Sassoleone or the Town Stadium.

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During Christmas period a pious volunteer from Castel San Pietro exhibit a suggestive mechanical Christmas Crib.

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