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Palazzo Alidosi


It is an example of military architecture dating back to the 16th century. According to some historians, Francesco da Sangallo, nephew of Antonio da Sangallo the Young, designed it.

Building works began in 1542 thanks to Cesare and Rizzardo Alidosi (Cesare's uncle). However, in 1545 the construction was stopped owing to the death of the two supporters and to lack of funds and the building was left incomplete.

The building was used both as a fortress and as a noble residence.

It was supposed to have a square layout, with four diamond-shaped corner ramparts, a large interior courtyard and a deep moat.

The palace was entered from the eastern door (still visible) after crossing the moat through a small bridge with three arches.

Southwards there was a fine garden surrounded by tall walls and called the "Garden of Pleasures" (Il giardino delle delizie).

Apart from the cellars (still visible), there were three prisons (two for men and one for women), two frescoed rooms, a large hall (Sala Magna) and stables with sculpted stone mangers.
Inside it is possible to visit the small "Courtyard of the Three Fountains".

Named after three sandstone shell-shaped fountains, the courtyard is in Renaissance style.

It has a loggia sustained by three sandstone columns and frescoed by Giuseppe Pasini, a painter from Faenza.

Under the loggia there are eight round niches, which once housed the busts of some members of the Alidosi family.

Now, only their names, coat of arms and a few dates are left.

In 1638, Castel del Rio became property of the Papal State under Urban VIII. The palace went rapidly rack and ruin.

In 1841 it had almost collapsed when the Municipality of Castel del Rio obtained it in emphyteusis.

Lastly, in 1877 the palace became property of the Municipality.


Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 96 - 40022 Castel del Rio (BO)

Opening hours: Sunday and Holiday. In summertime, the palace is open in the afternoon.

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Palazzo Alidosi's renovated rooms house the Municipality of Castel del Rio, the publicly-owned Magnus convention hall, the War Museum and the Chestnut Museum. It is also possible to visit the Courtyard of the Three Fountains.

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