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Santuario della Madonna del Lato


The Sanctuary is placed a kilometer from Montecalderaro, on the side of the road that leads from Palesio Varignana-to the highest mountain of Castel San Pietro .

The Sanctuary has a Baroque single nave with two side chapels.
Behind the altar is preserved the sacred image of Madonna del Lato.

In early 1600 on the site where now stands the Sanctuary there was only an image attached to an ash tree.

In 1623, due to a severe famine, many people were forced to beg for a piece of bread. Among these Zenobia that, kneeling to pray before the sacred image, heard a voice which asked her to go home, where she found plenty of food.
The event had a miracle and then Our Lady was taken from poor people as protectress from disaster, famine or loss of animals.
During the plague of 1630, which hit the northern Italy, the inhabitants of Montecalderaro commended to the Virgin Mary and the site was saved from mourning.
On that site was then built a chapel, in which was placed the image of Our Lady in 1636.

Numerous were the pilgrimages to the shrine, was memorable to farmers and landowners in 1809-1810 Ravenna that you went with their cattle to thank Our Lady for the end of an epidemic in cattle.
The sanctuary was enlarged in 1826. In 1907 theft of the original image of Our Lady and all the votive objects that adorned it were stolen. The image has been replaced with a copy, probably made in 1700.

The shrine was badly damaged during the Second World War, but has been restored with subsequent interventions, and is now a destination for many pilgrims.

The image of Madonna del Lato is brought visiting Varignana and Osteria Grande during the Rogation.


Address: Via Montecalderaro, 5050 loc. Varignana-Palesio - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

Opening hours: Holy Mass at 9.00 am. 

Closing days: weekdays

Entry tickets: free entry

How to get there

How to get to Castel San Pietro Terme


Before getting to Osteria Grande's city centre, turn right at the traffic-lights towards Montecalderaro.

Drive on 5 kilometres and, before getting to this hamlet, you will reach the Sanctuary.

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Nearby the Sanctuary there is the Pilgrim House, which offers religious, cultural and leisure activities. In 2000 a playing field was inaugurated to practise different sports activities.

Info on the tourist location

Tel.: +39 051 6957252 (Parrocchia di San Giorgio Osteria Grande)

Fax: +39 051 6957252 (Parrocchia di San Giorgio Osteria Grande)

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