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Palazzo Malvezzi


Virgilio Malvezzi built the palace in 1448, when he obtained the lordship of this land.

It spreads across the center of the castle fitting harmoniously with the environment. The rank of the dwelling is underlined by his retreat on the road through the village, by the removal of the front portico and the compactness of the linear and qualified only from the large arched portal and balcony supported by three corbels.

The opposite square emphasizes the centrality and importance of this site.

The southern side of the building shows its relevance to the noble series of large pointed windows (the traces are clearly seen) and to the tower, similar to the one of Palazzo del Podesta. 

The access to the court is immediate from the pointed arched door.

The visual detachment between the normal and popular external environment and the noble courtyard with two rows of arcades is istantaneous.

There's almost nothing left of the original rooms as a result of continuous works throughout the centuries.
 The only intact remains of the original compartments is the wide and bright of the stairs, designed in sober baroque style.

In 1829 on the ground floor, a small theater was opened, but there are no remains. He is currently part of the town hall, while on the south side is in private ownership.


Address: Via Gramsci, 10 - 40023 Castel Guelfo (BO)

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