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Tozzoni Park

Tozzoni Park
Tozzoni Park

The park is located in the south-west of Imola, near the foothills of the district Pedagna.
The land was bought by the noble family Tozzoni in 1880, with the intention to build a villa in the countryside.

This explains the transformation of the area into a lawn, with large grasslands alternated with thickets.
The park extends on eight hectares and houses several centuries-old oaks and conifers, as well as strawberry bushes of juniper, bay leaf and laurustine.
Inside the park there are also playground areas for children and a fitness trail.


Address: via Suore - 40026 Imola (BO)

The park is open to the public. 

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The park has two entrances: one on Via Suore and one on Via Comezzano.

Info on the tourist location

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