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Church of San Giacomo Maggiore del Carmine


The church is part of the complex of the Carmine, linked to the history of the Carmelite order, already present in the same seat in the 14th century with a small church and a convent.
During the 18th century, important restoration works directed by architect Domenico Trifogli gave the church the typical neo-classical aspect.
The front absorbed the pre-existent arcade.
The main altar and the convent choir were made by Fausto Zamboni.
The two choir stalls were disposed beside the main altar to contain the two organs


Address: via Emilia, 32 - 40026 Imola (BO)

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The convent next to the church occupies an area of 1800 mq, and it's part of the same original project by  Domenico Trifogli.
It's the seat of and exhibition of puppets donated by Pier Ferdinando Mondini.

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tel: +39 0542 22392 (parrocchia)

Last update: 22-10-2013