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Medicina is located to the east of Bologna. It was probably named after the healing waters of the River Sillaro which furrows its countryside. However, the legend goes that its name comes from the healing qualities of a snake put to boil in the soup of Frederick I Barbarossa. Recovered from his illness, the Emperor called the town "Medicina" (medicine) as a token of his gratefulness.

In this area Matilde of Canossa set up the "Partecipanza", a system which distributed lands among the town's families. This system also established the right to hand over rural property only to male heirs.

Medicina is worth a visit to admire its beautiful arcades and a magnificent bell tower, both of them dating back to the 18th century. It should be noted that the Church of St. Mamante and Lucia Martini (built in the same period) is located far from the bell tower. This is due to the sharp division of roles between the City Hall - which had the bell tower built - and the Church.
The Clock Tower was rebuilt in 1735 on a previous 16th century edifice. 

On leaving the town, visitors can head towards Imola or towards the nature reserve "Il Quadrone" to admire the herons or to visit the Radio Telescope "Croce del Nord" located in the nearby countryside. Tourists can finally reach the hamlet of Portonuovo to see a beautiful Baroque church built by architect Torreggiani. From Portonuovo you can head towards Argenta or Ravenna.

More information
Distanza da Bologna:
Km. 25 (Imola Km. 23)
25 m a.s.l.
16.854 (updated 31 Dec 2010)
Giorno di mercato:
Santa Lucia (December the 13th)
Buda, Crocetta, Fantuzza, Fiorentina, Fossatone, Ganzanigo, Portonovo, San Martino, Sant'Antonio, Via Nuova, Villa Fontana
How to get there

By car

  • Roads:
    from Bologna: run Via San Vitale (S.S.253) following road signs up to Medicina
    from Castel San Pietro Terme: take S.P.19 (Via San Carlo) up to Medicina

  • Motorways:
    from Bologna and Rimini/Ravenna: take A14 motorway and exit at Castel San Pietro Terme.
  • from Florence: from A1 motorway take A14 towards Padova/Ancona/Bologna Centro/Bologna Casalecchio and exit at Castel San Pietro Terme.

By bus

ATC Public Transport Company (for information on timetables and fares visit

  • bus line 99: Bologna - Castenaso - Budrio - Medicina - Imola - Massalombarda - Sant'Agata sul Santerno - Lugo - Show timetabels and stops in PDF
  • bus line 157: Medicina - Castel Guelfo - Imola - Show timetabels and stops in PDF
  • bus line 201: Bologna - Medicina - Castel Guelfo - Show timetabels and stops in PDF
  • bus line 206: Bologna - Medicina - Lugo - Budrio - Castenaso - Massalombarda - Sant'Agata sul Santerno
  • bus line 211: Bologna - Budrio - Medicina - Crocetta
  • bus line 212: Bologna - Castenaso - Medicina - Castel Guelfo
  • bus line 213: Bologna - Castenaso - Medicina
  • bus line 214: Castenaso - Budrio - Medicina
  • bus line 247: Alberino - Medicina - Castel San Pietro Terme - Imola - Castel Guelfo - Dozza - Molinella
  • bus line 248: Medicina - Terme di Castel San Pietro Terme
  • bus line 256: Medicina - Conselice - Longastrino - Argenta - Imola - Lugo - Massalombarda
  • bus line 257: Bologna - Castenaso - Budrio - Sant'Antonio - Argenta - Imola - Medicina - Molinella

By train

From Bologna Central Station (for information on timetables and fares visit

  • Line Bologna-Ancona-Rimini: Castel San Pietro stop.

By plane

  • Airport G. Marconi of Bologna (distance km. 48)
    The Aerobus BLQ connects every 15-30 minutes the airport to the city centre and to the Train Central Station.
  • Airport L. Ridolfi of Forlì (distance km. 42)
    Aerobus connects the airport to the city centre and to the Train Central Station.
  • Airport F. Fellini of Rimini (distance km. 87)
    Bus line 9 connects every 30 minutes the airport to the city centre and to the Train Central Station.
Recurring events

Festa di Primavera: Spring festival, end of March

Medicipolla: Onion festival, July

Sagra del Barbarossa: Medieval festival, third sunday of September

Festa dell'autunno: Autumn festival, end of October


URP - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico del Comune di Medicina

Via Libertà, 103 - 40059 Medicina (BO)

Tel: +39 051 6979111; Fax: +39 051 6979222


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