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Casalfiumanese - STAI - Redazione Turismo Area Imolese - Provincia di Bologna
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Casalfiumanese - Piazza Cavalli
Casalfiumanese - Piazza Cavalli

The Casalfiumanese etymology of the name comes from the fusion of "Casal" (castle) and "Fiumanese" (river), given its proximity to Rio Salso. The origin of this town, according to tradition, dates back to the XI century and soon the town had assumed a name which largely follows the current one: Castram Casalis Flumanensis.


In telling briefly the story of Casalfiumanese do not forget that Pope Honorius II, who ascended the throne of Peter in 1124 and ruled until 1230 was born in Fiagnano, a small hamlet of the town. Between 1126 and the 1130, Casalfiumanese was part of the feudal rule of the Bishop of Imola, following a bull of Honorius II.


Borderland between Bologna and the Romagna, it has been the subject of ongoing disputes between Bologna and Imola. The latter took possession of the town in 1248 under the leadership of Cardinal Ottaviano Ubaldini, but forty-four years later the Alidosi family brought back Casalfiumanese under the control of Imola. In 1401 it became a fief of the Bentivoglio family until the time of Pope Julius II.


Conquered in 1404 by Alberigo by Barbian, the town knew then to suffer ups and downs, like all the Romagna, until the restoration set by Julius III. With the Cisalpine Republic, Casalfiumanese was aggregated with Imola, and was later included in the province of Bologna in 1860. "(Cit. from" Atlas Romagnolo "- Il Resto del Carlino).


The municipality has flourishing agriculture with one of the largest area in Italy dedicated to apricot. Large orchards, and quality vineyards, in the high hills overlooking the Valley of Sillaro, meadows and pastures with leading cattle and sheep for meat. In Borgo Casale there is a big industrial area: there are companies such as ceramics, furniture and home furnishings, paper, construction, mechanical engineering and a popular craft.

More information
Distanza da Bologna:
Km. 40 (Imola Km. 10)
125 m a.s.l.
3.478 (updated 31 Dec 2010)
Giorno di mercato:
San Gregorio Magno (March, the 12th)
San Martino in Pedriolo and Sassoleone. Località: Borgo Casale, Carseggio, Pieve Sant'Andrea, Riviera, Valsellustra
How to get there

By car

  • Roads:
    from Imola: tale S.P. 610 (via Selice Montanara) towards Firenze
    from Bologna/Castel San Pietro: take S.P. Sillaro Bordona then take S.P. 610 (via Montanara) towards Imola
    from Senio Valley: Follow "Strada della Lavanda" (Lavender's street) towards Fontanelice, then take S.P. 610 (via Montanara) towards Imola
    from Florence: follow direction Mugello / Firenzuola, then take S.P. 610 (via Montanara) towards Imola
  • Motorways
    from Bologna: take A14 Motorway, in direction Ancona exit at Imola 
    from Rimini/Ravenna: take the A14 motorway towards Bologna and exit at Imola 
    from Florence: take the A1 motorway, near Bologna, take the A14 motorway towards Ancona and exit at Imola

By bus

From Imola bus station, ATC Public Transport Company (for information on timetables and fares visit www.atc.bo.it):

  • Bus line 44:  Imola - Borgo Tossignano - Casalfiumanese - Fontanelice - Castel del Rio  Show timetables and stops in PDF
  • Bus line 141: Imola - Castel del Rio - Borgo Tossignano - Casalfiumanese - Castel del Rio (only during school period) Show timetables and stops in PDF
  • Bus line 142: Imola - Fontanelice - Piancaldoli - Borgo Tossignano - Casalfiumanese - Castel del Rio (only durong school period)
  • Bus line 143: Castel del Rio - Sassoleone - Piancaldoli - Casalfiumanese (only during school period)
  • Bus line 144: Imola - Casalfiumanese (only during school period) Show timetables and stops in PDF

By train

From Bologna Central Station (for information on timetables and fares visit www.trenitalia.it):

  • Line Bologna-Ancona-Rimini: Imola stop.

By plane

  • Airport G. Marconi of Bologna (distance km. 48)
    The Aerobus BLQ connects every 15-30 minutes the airport to the city centre and to the Train Central Station.
  • Airport L. Ridolfi of Forlì (distance km. 42)
    Aerobus connects the airport to the city centre and to the Train Central Station.
  • Airport F. Fellini of Rimini (distance km. 87)
    Bus line 9 connects every 30 minutes the airport to the city centre and to the Train Central Station.
Recurring events

Sagra del Raviolo: the closest sunday to March the 19th

Sagra della Cuccagna: april (in Sassoleone).

Parco in Festa e Sagra della Ficattola: last days of may and the first days in june.

Sagra del Tortello: last days of june and the first days in july.
Mostra e Sagra dell'Albicocca: last days of june.

I Zug d'na volta - Festa del Latte: september.


URP - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico del Comune di Casalfiumanese

Piazza A. Cavalli, 15 - 40020 Casalfiumanese (BO)

Tel: +39 0542 666122; Fax: +39 0542 666251


Last update: 03-10-2012