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Official Tourist Information Site of Imola's Area

Conference halls

Castel del Rio

Magnus Hall - Palazzo Alidosi

Located inside Palazzo Alidosi (XVI century), the room is named after the famous cartoonist who lived in Castel del Rio.

Castel San Pietro Terme

Boules rink Hall - Sports Club Osteria Grande

Modern structure suitable for meetings.


Cassero Theatre Hall

Symbol of the city, completely renovated to be the new municipal theater.


Hall City Council - City Hall

It is a large room painted in an elegant way, whose walls are hung with portraits of the 21 mayors that from the unification of Italy in then you have guided the city.


Hall Civic Center - Osteria Grande

An elegant dining room for meetings and musical and cultural initiatives.


Meeting Room - Bertella Centre

It is a modern and functional structure, which can be used for assemblies, meetings and exhibitions.


Meeting Room - Social Centre Val Quaderna Palesio

Modern and functional structure can be used for meetings, exhibitions, festivals and musical entertainment.


Sersanti Club lounge and dining halls

An exhibition of 120 seats and a 40-seat room.


Annunziata's Hall

The room is located in the center of town near the Sforza Castle.


Aula Magna - Diocesan Seminary

Main hall with 270 seats and room for 100 seats.


Aurora Cooperative Hall

The room is located in the historical center of the city.


C.I.D.R.A. hall

Centro Imolese Documentazione Resistenza Antifascista (Imola's Antifascist Resistance Museum)


C.I.R.Co.L.I. hall

Imola's independent working men's club


Cappuccini Cine-Club

The club is located in the center of Imola, in the Capuchin monastery, near the old hospital.


Capuchin Friars hall

Hall located in the large complex of the Convent of the Capuchins.


Cinema Cristallo

The cinema is located in the center, near the train station.


Conference Room - Banca Popolare Emilia Romagna

The room is located in the historic center near the Porta Montanara.


Conference Room - Chamber of Commerce

The room is located on the outskirts of the historic center near Porta Montanara.


Conference Room - Sforza Castle

The rooms are situated in the historical center of the city


Don Fiorentini Theatre and Cinema

The cinema is located near the railway station


Ex School District hall

Free, is awarded only to municipal offices, schools, voluntary associations.


Gallery of the Risorgimento exhibition hall

Located in the historic center of the city near the Town Hall.


Hall - Sante Zennaro Complex

Located within the complex of Sante Zennaro, in Pedagna district.


Hall of Seasons

The room is located in the historical center of the city.


Hall of the New Civic Centre

Multipurpose hall for 200 seats.


Mariele Ventre hall - Piano Academy

A room with 230 seats.


Miceti Hall- Covered Market

Multipurpose hall for 99 seats.


Multipurpose hall - La Palazzina

A multi-purpose hall with 50 seats.


Multipurpose hall - Oratory of San Macario

Multipurpose hall with capacity of 100 seats.


Multipurpose room - Zoo Aquarium

Multipurpose room on the top floor of the Zoo Aquarium.


Open Air Theatre - Weaponry's courtyard, Sforza Castle

Located in the historic center of the city.


Osservanza City Theatre

Located near the city center, not far from the Sforza Castle.


Palazzo Tozzoni Hall

It is a wide, rectangular room and is granted for events that deal with topics of art history, architecture, urban planning, or as they pertain, in a broad sense, to the cultural characteristics of the place


Recreational Club Pontesanto

The club is located in Pontesanto.


Sala - Caffeina Bar

Il bar si trova nel centro storico della città.


Scarabelli Boarding School

The boarding school is located in the outskirt of the city behind Rivazza area of the racetrack.


Study Centre - Tonino Gottarelli Foundation

The center is located in the historic center near the Sforza Castle.