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Playing fields, sport centres

Borgo Tossignano

Football field

Association: Circolo ARCI Codrignano


Sport center

Football pitch, futsal pitch and tennis court.


Tennis courts and footbal pitch

Clay and synthetic tennis courts, futsal pitch, football pitch and training pitch.

Castel del Rio

Football pitch

Sport center managed by Gruppo Sportivo Castel del Rio.


Sport centre

Two tennis courts, a synthetic court and a clay one; a multipurpose field (basketball, volleyball, futsal)

Castel Guelfo di Bologna

Futsal pitch

Field: mt. 26 x mt. 14, synthetic grass; 6 mt. high fence



Court: mt 28 x mt 15, parquet, approved.


Pétanque court

The pétanque court is managed by Associazione ARCI, Castel Guelfo di Bologna.


School gym

The gym is mainly for students and school's sports.


Sport center "Vito Vannini" and training pitch Poggio Piccolo

Field: mt 100 x mt 60; changing rooms; stand in tiers on a hill.


Sport centre – Stadium "Gardenghi" and training pitch

The futsal pitch is managed by the Società Sporting Castel Guelfo.


Tennis court

The futsal pitch is managed by the Società ASD Castel Guelfo from Castel Guelfo.

Castel San Pietro Terme

Casatorre futsal pitch

The futsal pitch, recently built, has been modernized


Castel San Pietro Terme municipal stadium

It usually hosts training sessions and matches of the Castel San Pietro football team (Serie C2) and those of youth Giallorossi.


Football pitch and multi-purpose track Scania

The football field is dated 1988 and the multi-track dates back to 1989.


Football pitch Casatorre

System for training and football matches, has a surrounding space, which can act as a track, covered with turf.


Football pitch in Gallo Bolognese

The system can accommodate only football matches.


Multi-purpose sports area Bertella

Open air multi-purpose sports area


Open air basket court Luca Grilli

The court is dedicated to Luca Grilli, a boy from Castel San Pietro Terme who loved basketball, died prematurely.


Osteria Grande football pitch

There are two football pitches and a futsal pitch too, that's why it is possible to play both football and futsal too.


Osteria Grande multipurpose track

Open air multipurpose track


Palesio football pitch

In this pitch you play only football.


Poggio Grande football pitch

In this pitch you play only football.


Poggio Grande multipurpose sport area

Multipurspose sports area


Rugby field Casatorre

A rugby playing field and a training field


Sport centre Molino Nuovo

In this pitch you play only football.


Sports hall Roberto Ferrari

Multiporpose sports facility


Tennis club Casatorre

Two indoor tennis courts, 3 outdoor tennis courts (2 of them with mobile coverage)


Tennis courts in Osteria Grande

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts.


Sports centre

Football pitch, training pitch, futsal pitch, skating rink, multipurposal gym.


Bacchilega Rugby Sports centre

Two Rugby fields m. 120 x 65, one of them lighted.


Circolo Cacciari tennis courts

Four clay tennis courts lighted and covered in winter, a beach tennis field, two lighted synthetic tennis courts, two synthetic futsal pitches


Community Centre Campanella

Multipurpose area


Community Centre La Stalla

Multipurpose area


Community Centre La Tozzona

Multipurpose area


Community Centre Ponticelli

Multipurpose area


Community Centre Zolino

Multipurpose area


Eugenio Medri football pitch (ex Pontesanto)

Lightened football pitch m. 104 x 54


Football pitches Pambera

lightened football pitch m. 100 x 50; training pitch.


Palasport A. Ruggi

Sports hall with a m. 33 x 20 court; 2050 capacity grandstand seats - for basketball and volleyball


San Prospero football pitch

Lightened football pitch m. 100 x 50; grandstand capacity of 90 seats.


Sasso Morelli Community Centre

Open air lighted pétanque field; gym m. 19,3 x 8,5; parking area.


Sasso Morelli football pitch

Lightened football pitch m. 100 x 50


Sesto Imolese football pitch

Lightened football pitch m. 100 x 50,capacity grandstand seats 200


Shooting range

11 lines 10 metres far (indoor);1 line in tunnel 25 metres far (revolving mannequins for automatic pistols); 2 double ranges 25 metres far; 8 lines for handguns; 12 automatic ranges 50 metres far; 4 lines 100 and 200 metres far for carbine bench rest.


Sports area Paolini

Athletics track of m. 80, six lanes, basketball court m. 26 x 14; soccer field grass m. 50 x 30 and two platforms in the long jump (school use).


Sports Centre Bacchilega

6 football pitches, 3 of them suitable for football matches, 2 for training, 1 for children.


Stadium Romeo Galli

Lighted field m. 105 x 66; trainings field m. 100 x 56; athletics track with 6 lanes m. 400, platform for jumping and throwing; gym.


Via Curie sports centre

2 football pitches m. 100 x 50, one of them lighted; 1 children football pitch.


Walter Grandi green area

Football pitch m. 100 x 50; archery field m. 100 x 30


Zello football pitches

Football pitch m. 100 x 50; training pitch.


"E. Mioli" sports centre (Villa Fontana)

Grass soccer field with lighting, dressing rooms, services and warehouse adjacent tennis court, bike path.


Ca' Nova sports centre

3 grass lightened pitches with changing rooms; archery field.


Palestra Zanardi, gym

Volleyball gym


Portonovo football pitch

Grass soccer field with lighting, equipment and locker rooms.


S.Antonio football pitch

Grass soccer field with lighting, dressing rooms and services.


Sports Centre

The system has been named to Giacomo Bulgarelli.


Tennis courts

Two tennis courts in mateco, covered, with changing rooms, toilets, bar.


Bubano sports centre

tennis court


Mordano sports centre

sports centre