Provincia di Bologna

Shopping and curiosities in the location of Castel San Pietro Terme


Azienda Agricola Umberto Cesari


Baked apples


Brased spring onions


Brutti ma buoni (biscuits)


Castrato di Romagna


Castrum Antiquarium


Chocolate cake






Dairy produce (Casatella, Ricotta, Castel San Pietro)


Easter's Monday market - Castel San Pietro Terme


Energy drink


Fear of the Beast


Honey and walnuts tart


Market of December, the 8th - Castel San Pietro Terme


Market of the Holy Crucified - 15 days before Easter


Meat Stuffed Tortellini


Mercato della Braciola - Mutton chop market


Monday market - Castel San Pietro Terme


Peaches Pie


Poggio against Castel San Pietro


Ricotta cream


Salad dressing


Special Market - Castel San Pietro Terme


Stalks of celery with Gorgonzola cheese


The inhabitants of Castel San Pietro at the Crusades


Untreated comb honey


Works in wrought iron


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