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Official Tourist Information Site of Imola's Area

Tourist organisations and associations

Borgo Tossignano

Pro Loco Borgo Tossignano

Address: Via Roma, 77 – 40021 Borgo Tossignano (BO)


"Festa della polenta" committee

The Committee is the seat of the National Polentari Association.



Organizes parties, trips, exercise classes, volunteer work and donations of blood.


Geol@b - onlus

The geo-workshop Santerno (acronym: GeoL@b) is a non-profit society of Imola.


Maccheroni Committee

The committee organizes the Maccheroni festival.


Museum of the material culture

The main purpose of the museum is to preserve and pass on the memory of the material culture of a region placed at the junction of the river Santerno and the Vena del Gesso.


Music Association

The Association organizes concerts and musical and instrumental courses for children and adults.


Pro Loco Tossignano

Since 1957 an association called "Tourist Pro Loco of Tossignano" operated in Borgo Tossignano.


Sports club Borgo Tossignano

The sports club organizes tournaments and tennis lessons, soccer and gymnastics maintenance.


Visitor's Center " I gessi e il Fiume"

The Visitor's Center "I Gessi e il fiume" of Tossignano was founded in 1998 by the municipality of Borgo Tossignano.


A.U.S.E.R. association

The Association organizes home care.


Cultural association

The Association organizes courses in classical and modern music with different instruments.


San Martino in Pedriolo sports club

It organizes FIGC tournaments.


Sports club Casalfiumanese

It organizes tennis tournaments, FIGC championship.


Sports club Sassoleone

It organizes tennis and football tournaments.


Valsanterno di Falconi Silvano

Rents, sale of houses, apartments, farms and industrial buildings.

Castel del Rio

Alidosi's cultural association

A.C.A. (Associazione culturale alidosiana) was founded in 1958 by Brunello Morara, first as a theater group and later as a real association.


Music band Association

"Associazione Corpo Bandistico" was founded in 1980 by Giovanni Pompei (the current president) in order to spread the love for music and the importance of friendship.


Pro Belvedere

Weekday hours: from 9.00 am to 12.00 am.


Pro Loco Alidosiana

The Pro Loco Alidosiana, founded in 1956, organizes initiatives to foster and promote the knowledge and appreciation of the tourist resort and its resources.


Sporting group of Castel del Rio

The group organizes a quadrangular football teams in the C2 league, a tennis tournament in August and the 2nd category football championship.

Castel Guelfo di Bologna

“La Pace” association

Cultural, recreational and socializing.



Football for children and young.


A.S.D. Castel Guelfo 1927

Sporting and cultural activities.



Female basketball.


ARCI Club Castel Guelfo

Cultural, artistic, recreational, sporting and
touristic activities.


AVIS association - Castel Guelfo

Non-profit association.


Castel Guelfo Photo Club

Cultural activities.


G.I.T.O. Sports club

Amateur Sports Association.



Various sports.


Volounteers Association

Non-profit association.

Castel San Pietro Terme


The association promotes cycling and encourages the aggregation during sports and other leisure activities.


Musica viva association

The Association Musica Viva was founded in 2003 to disseminate the knowledge and practice of music.


A.Ge.S. - Parental Sport association

Water activities, gym, summer camps.


Archery association

Dissemination and education of archery, pastime activities from sports - racing throughout the year.


ARCI Caccia

The Association was founded in 1970 to enforce the rights and duties of the hunters.


Athletics Avis Castel San Pietro Terme

The association has been active since 1995 to fill a void in the field jogging on road, track and cross-country.


Castel San Pietro Scherma

The story begins in Foggia where Alberto Cataleta and Andrea Terenzio, two saber class, joking about the future, think of opening a company in its fencing.


Castel San Pietro Terme music band

Castel San Pietro Terme music band has its origins in the first half of the last century, when already certain resolutions of the City Council took into consideration the problems of the theater and its philharmonic, a point of pride and success for Castel San Pietro.


Castel San Pietro Terme Skating club

Sport not only as body care but also as a growth factor, citizenship, integration and so on.


Castello Bike - Cycle association

The company, promoted the initiative of some individual sports lovers MTB castle, in a short time was able to aggregate around them practitioners of all specialties from both MTB and ROAD.


Castello Five-a-side

The association was founded in 2001 to promote the development of football in 5th in the city, with an adjacent athletic activities (regional league football 5 Series C2).


Club Carrera association

The Carrera is a manifestation of the city, only in Italy, founded in 1954 as part of the Mutton Chop Festival in Castel San Pietro.


CMB - Music association

The CMB has been operating since 1990, is an association of secular, non-partisan non-profit organization, founded on the principle of self-management and pluralism.


Folk dancers association

The group was founded in 1928 by the will of some citizens to make sure that the musical traditions of peasant culture and dances on the threshing floor did not go lost.


G.S. Basket Castel San Pietro Terme

The Company has as its purpose the practice and dissemination of basketball through sports activities both at youth level seniors.


Group for the valorisation of Cultural heritage and environment of Sillaro Valley

The group was formed in 1985 to assist in the protection of cultural and environmental heritage of the territory castle and spread the interest and knowledge in schools and among citizens.


Italian Hunting League

Nationally established in 1939, the Association aims to bring together, secure and, above all, to educate and inform lovers of hunting on the characteristics of the sport.


MIXERMUSIC association

The Association was founded in 1980 with the goal of gathering people bringing them closer to the music and theater - comedy, non-profit organization.


Moto Club Castel San Pietro Terme

Amateur sport association.


Music Line

The music school was founded in 1995 to spread the music lessons with specialized seminars and concerts.


Osteria Grande sporting club association

The sports club was founded in order to obtain, in the context of the various activities, a common address management towards the City and  the inhabitants of the country in the 'field of sports'.


Razor Club Tae Kwon Do

The Sports Association organizes TAEKWONDO courses for children and adults.


Rugby Castel San Pietro

The association was founded in 1979 to raise awareness and to promote the game of rugby and to offer an alternative to children and young people who want to approach the sport.


Sergio Dalfiume Cycle club

The association was founded in 1952 by a group of amateur cycling and in memory of a young cyclist in the area, Sergio Dalfiume, who died tragically.


Sillaro Bicycle Touring club

Established in 1977 with 16 founding members, the Association is affiliated to the Bicycle Touring Sillaro Uisp Imola. Lives of self-financing and as the colors of the city: yellow and red.


SOLERA sports association

sports and artistic gymnastics association.


Sporting Bowling club association

The center was born as bowling, with the cooperation of its members and the contibute of the City in 1978.


Sporting Fishers association

The association has been operating since 1946 to carry out fishing and spread this activity among young people.


Sports club Poggio

The Association was founded in 1975 for sports activities, first as a team and later as a bar association itself.


UISP Skating sports club

Promotion and goodwill to the discipline of skating in all its forms; socialization of children of all ages and adults.


Uisp sports club

The sports club was founded in 1978 with the opening of the swimming pool and later continued and expanded its activities in an area where sporting associations was not present.


T.I.L.T. association

Association to promote local activities.


"G.Rambaldi" elderly social aid association

Development of human personality, removing obstacles to the implementation of the principles of freedom, equality, equal social dignity and equal opportunities.


"Incontri" association

It's a voluntary association that operates mainly in the cultural city of Dozza.


"Insieme per un futuro migliore" non-profit association

Offers hospitality and assistance to Belarusian children, affected by the toxic cloud caused by the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


"Luna crescente" theatre company by Gambi Corrado & C.

This company specializes in the production of theatrical shows and manages the Theatre of Dozza.


"M.C.L. Sabbioso" Cultural, Sporting and Recreational Association.

Research and promotion of cultural, ethical and spiritual.


"Rahma" association

Association located in Toscanella.


A.C. ASBT Dozzese

The A. C. Dozzese is a football association.


A.S.B.T. - Toscanella Bowling association

Diffusion of sport aimed at improving lifestyles, physical condition and mental and social relations.


A.S.P Virtus 2000 Dozza

The sports center offers 2 multipurpose courts tennis / soccer one of which is heated, covered and lighted.


Arcobaleno Gymn Association

Diffusion of sport aimed at improving lifestyles, physical condition and mental and social relations.


Avis Comunale Dozza

This association works to "advertise" the donation of blood and more specifically with the search for new donors.


Dozza Folk group

Promotes cultural activities taking lives of our folk traditions through music shows, music starts at young people who want to start playing a musical instrument.


Dozza Music Association

Dozza Music Association provides teaching and music education of children, teens and adults and promote all initiatives to stimulate and arouse interest in music, recognizing the importance of music education in the growth process and training of the individual.


Fondazione Dozza Città d'Arte

The association's primarily conception and realization of exhibitions and other cultural and artistic events, and will also be available for scientific initiatives, promotional activities, educational interventions and informative.


Pro Loco - Tourist association

Development of local tourism and tourism promotion of local interest.


S.P.I CGIL Dozza

Trade Union of Pensioners, deals with various services for retirees.


Studio 80 Dozza Karate

The association Dozza Karate Studio 80 is a center of the CONI introduction to the sport and is present in Dozza since 1993.


Art and handicraft market Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to promote tourism through the recovery of the craft and art.



The purpose of the committee is to promote local foods and wines, producers of meats and cheeses and restaurants and local farms.


Mengoni cultural association

The association, based in the town library, has the aim of highlighting the various aspects of the local culture and not only through the promotion of initiatives and meetings of historical, musical, artistic and environmental.


Piè Fritta Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to promote this local dish through the organization of the Festival of Piè Fritta.


T. Baruzzi Music association

The Association promotes the knowledge of music through teaching commitment.


'T.Baruzzi' Romagna folk singers and dancers association

The Group Singers and dancers Romagnoli 'Turibio Baruzzi' currently consists of fifty items divided between the choir (which includes about 30) and the dance group which counts among its ranks about twenty dancers.



Ass. Restaurants Hotels of the district



Association in Defence of Consumers and Environment organized by the CISL.


CIA - Italian Agriculture Federation

Assistance to workers employed in agriculture.



Imolese Documentation Centre and Museum of the Resistance and the twentieth century.


Cine-Circolo Cappuccini

Small local dating back to the 60s with the availability of 170 seats.



Assistance to workers employed in the craft sector.



Assistance to workers employed in agriculture.


Confagricoltura - Bologna

Assistance to workers employed in agriculture.


Confartigianato - Assimprese

Assistance to workers employed in the craft sector.


Confesercenti Territorio Imolese

Assistance to workers in the sector of trade.


Coop Facchini Imolesi - ATFI

Service of porter - removals - transport.



Coop Unificata Trasporti dell'Imolese - CUTI

Transport Service, excavating and earthmoving.


Emilia Romagna Festival

Musical Association. Organized a series of concerts of classical music.


Eurasia association

Recreational association and interest.



Assistance to consumers.


G.Piani philatelic numismatics club

Recreational association and interest.


General Farmers Union - CISL

Assistance to workers employed in agriculture.


House of Commerce, Industry, Agriculutre and Handicraft

Assistance and registration of all companies of all activities.


Imola Music Club

Musical Association.


Imola Mycological group

Recreational association and interest.


Mineralogical & Palaeontological group

Organize trade show mineralogy.


Open University

Organization of courses, lectures, conferences and meetings of various types.



Centre for Cultural Promotion and Tourism Research.


Pro loco

The Pro Loco organizes local events in collaboration with the Municipality or other associations.


Società Turismo Area Imolese - Tourist society

Tourist society for Imola's area is a consortium that brings together various public and private places in the territory of the ten municipalities in the district of Imola.



Assistance to workers employed in small and medium-sized enterprises.


Young binders social cooperative

Printing services - photocopying - bookbinding.


“MEDARDO MASCAGNI” cultural association

The association was founded in 2006 by teachers of the Music School of Medicina.


S.Antonio social club

Social club located in S. Antonio.


"Luce & Vita energia" association

Association for the promotion of energy culture.


"Medicivitas" cultural and recreational social club

Cultural and recreational club.



"Torre dei Cavalli" association

Association for the promotion of tourism and cultural heritage of the hamlet of San Antonio.


"Vittorio Viotti" study centre

Organized in the parish and municipal meetings, conferences, concerts and cultural public notebooks and journals.


Ancient Crafts Association

The association evokes the spirit of preservation of their traditions, everyday life of the past through its ancient crafts.


Area - Argentinian Residings Association

The Association aims to promote and facilitate the integration.


City Music Band

Founded in 1844, in addition to performing an intense musical activity in contact with other countries, including foreign, maintains an active music school.


Fiorentina social club

Social club located in Fiorentina.


Handmedia association

Association for the promotion and development of creativity, cultural enrichment in the literary, artistic, historical, socio-anthropological, scientific, information and communication.


Pro Loco Medicina

Association for the promotion of the territory.


Taverna De Rodas

Association cultural and recreational of Medicina.


Pro Loco - Mordano

It is hosted in the halls of City Hall Mordano.