Provincia di Bologna

Places of natural interest


Croara Gullies

The area consists of gullies formed by scaly clays and composed of very low vegetation.

Castel del Rio

Santerno river

The Santerno River has its source in the Futa Pass and flows along its valley for 68 km.

Castel San Pietro Terme

Healthy path Parco Lungo Sillaro

The path is inside the green Lungo Sillaro Park and lately it has been rearranged, especially directing efforts towards the training equipments.


The Clays and the Gullies

The hill territory to the South of Castel San Pietro Terme is undulated in the first hills and then it becomes varied in height next to the first mountains.

The Mills Canal

The Mills Canal

Il Canale dei Molini (The Mills Canal) springs in Codrignano, approximately 9 km from Imola, and flows towards Imola, surrounding the town centre with its two branches.


Fracassata valley

Since the middle of the 20th century the valley fed the rice-fields of this area.


The plain of Medicina

The territory of Medicina is completely plain and is crossed by several creeks and drainages descending from the nearby hills.


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